Soul Feeder – Quantization


We are proud to present Quantiazion, a new compilation curated by T5UMUT5UMU & Cicada Shell.

In the era where virtual artifacts can create realities, media is not merely mediating realities anymore, but creating them itself. Entering the new decade, we have witnessed many virtual beings creating new realities: for instance, Hatsune Miku, a virtual being, will appear on Coachella 2020, there are projects that use AI to resurrect the dead such as 2pac, and there is a brand new chapter of the Matrix saga on the way. Because of the mass consumption and production of our highly computerized and automated society, imperfections such as the moderate randomness and gaps created by analogs seem ironically fresh. An “Aesthetic of Imperfections”, if you will, that the “Quantization” compilation aims to express to our quantized society.