Soul Feeder – Eaposting 4 WAV


Eaposting 4 deals about the hyperconnection and globalization: “We live in a more and more globalized and connected world that is progressively incorporating arts and cultures from different countries and different scenes. This hyperconnection brings many advantages, and one of these is unquestionably the unprecedented simplicity with which art can be shared and can cross geographical borders. On the other hand, it’s getting easier to lose trace of smaller realities with the risk of disregarding their value. The aim of the compilation is to give producers the chance of expressing the culture of their own country, or a country that they feel connected to, reinterpreting it under a modern light and their own musical style in order to highlight different local realities.”

The concept was portrayed in this amazing artwork by Marnie Hamilton from New Scenery featuring some old personal photographs seen through a modern viewfinder, enhancing the contrast between culture, tradition and history and modern society, and how the past can be reinterpreted in new unseen ways.

Artwork by from New Scenery


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