/pulsr_ – dimorphia


“dimorphia” is the latest two-track concept EP by polish artist /pulsr_. An abstract mix of deconstructed club and contemporary experimental music. “dimorphic” as the two contrasting yet complementary spirits of the EP, the release pays tribute to Polish contemporary composer K. Penderecki’s work “polymorphia” and evolves through different themes studying various sonic concepts.

> A 00’00” remains of the material world
> A 00’28” kneading time as if it was dough
> A 01’05” seismic disturbances in the contrary
> A 02’25” vortex of constant stimuli
> A 02’56” liberated from the physical form
> A 03’59” slowly disappearing glacial rifts
> A 05’06” contemporary warfare techniques
> A 07’17” decay on an atomic level
> B 00’00” development of a deadly disease
> B 02’40” temporary peace of mind
> B 03’56” thought loops and the beginning of death
> B 04’34” tissue fibers snapping like strings


Written, produced and mixed by /pulsr_
Mastered by Michele Sinatti
Artwork by Aleksy Domke


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