Oblinof – Metadata Train Station

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After the acclaimed “POSTINERNET CLUB”, published via the Czech label UNIZONE, producer and multimedia-artist Oblinof lands on Soul Feeder with a new, club-oriented, three-track project.

Exploring further again the human condition in the post-internet era, “Metadata Train Station” is a percussion-heavy work, where complex rhythms, often inspired by the Latin tradition, are complemented by a coarse sound design, which fits perfectly fits the essential but biting melodic material. Almost as a metaphor to a constant flow of data, the EP’s pace is also restless and bashing, characterising it as Oblinof’s hardest release to date.

The four artists who remixed the original tracks fully embraced Oblinof’s aesthetic and blend it with their own style: spacing from cellvl’s atmospheric hard-trance take to Dj Hristos gabba-donk-extravaganza to DJ GHEPARD and Cherry ills hardcore trap flip, these remixes all explore a different part of “Metada Train Station” cyber-core sound.


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