leop4rdi – a process of learning and understanding


Following the iconic emotional jam “come with me // i miss u”, the Brussel-based producer leop4rdi makes his comeback on Soul Feeder with his debut EP “a process of learning and understanding”.
As the title suggests the album tries to capture the emotional states one goes through in a newfound emotional connection, with each track representing a specific moment of this experience, from its ecstatic beginning to its bittersweet end.
To tell this inner tale, leop4rdi greatly expands over the sonic palette of “come with me // i miss u”, masterfully blending soft guitar melodies reminiscent of dream pop and post-rock with rich EDM and trance leads. And while high-pitched vocal lines, thick bass-lines and beat-like drums, still all play an important role in leop4rdi’s production, the Belgian producer doesn’t shy off from playfully experimenting with more club-oriented sounds and arrangement.
The final result is as varied as the feelings one experiences during a relationship, from the slow euphoria of “take me so high” to the powerful melancholia of “it’s like i miss you more each day”, yet all of the seven tracks on “a process of learning and understanding” always feel deeply connected with each other, like emotions are.

Produced and mixed by leop4rdi
Artwork by Jonas Reubens
Mask design by Lauren Bouden, Nico Verhaegen and Julia Ballardt
Mastering by DJ GHEPARD


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