JHL – Lonely At The Top


On his sophomore EP, “Lonely At The Top” the New Zealander wunderkind JHL further expands on the solid sonic foundation of his previous work, “GSCF”. But where its predecessor was manic and frenetic, bombarding the listener with blistering clusters of foleys and breakneck spitting, “Lonely At The Top” channels its energy in a much more contained yet explosive way. This approach eventually galvanise the emotional impact of tracks such as “Sudden Death” and “Run Back”, possibly two of JHL’s most refined compositions and vocal performances yet, which enchant the listener with their stunning choruses, leaving them between awe and the desire to sing along.


releases July 3, 2023

Written, produced, mixed and performed by JHL
Additional production on “Regret” by BK Beats
Artwork by Ore3✩⡱

Master by DJ GHEPARD

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