GSC is an exploration in foley sound design, mingling with harsh oppressive club beats and vocals detailing darkness and desolation. Embroidered with a palpable drive, the overall EP was constructed and ordered to be a journey of emotions, from the desperate plea of “123”, the escape of “walls”, the ballad of “need”, and the macabre call-to-action of the title track, “GSFC” (grind, slit, cauterise, flash). The lyrical themes of the EP were based on JHL’s fascination of the morbid, the dark and sordid, extrapolating from fiction and real life. Despite the rhythms’ accessibility, “GSCF” is a visceral exploration of texture, sound and lyrics.


Written, performed, produced & mixed by JHL
Artwork by OH
Mastering by Blood of Aza
Promo photos by JHL


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