Giek_1 – Unified Self


“As the Earth crumbles under the weight of ancestral trauma; the old systems no longer provide a place for us. We must turn inward, confront the void and herein find transformation through ego-death.
Take control of your mind, let the light transmute your fear into virtue, and let truth be revealed by your higher self.
Find balance between the self and the other, reunify them into an interconnected whole.
I am divine.
I am eternal.”Giek_1’s ‘UNIFIED SELF’ deals with themes like duality and divinity, becoming one with yourself and the universe. ‘UNIFIED SELF’ is an experimental electronic EP, interlaced with elements of ambient and contemporary club music.

Written, performed, produced and mixed by Giek_1.
Mastering by Michele Sinatti.
Artwork by Heather Mitchell.


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