FARWARMTH – A Blue Wind Is Now WAV


Two years after the acclaimed “Momentary Glow”, FARWARMTH lands on Soul Feeder with a new LP in which he explores the possibility music has as a fluid storytelling and world-building device. “A Blue Wind Is Now”, in fact, conjures a land where time, as a restless stream running in multiple directions, fluctuates between the moment life ended and the moment it is reborn, between what life has been before and what it could’ve been. At times harsh, at times gentle, all of the nine compositions are connected yet fragmented, acting as possible outcomes and moments of an existence that, due to its own nature, is doomed to extinction. Spontaneously combining contemporary minimalism, foley sound design, modern ambient and glitch music, FARWARMTH depicts a vivid sonic landscape, capable of evoking overwhelming tension when it gets blown away, and a placid release when, destroyed, it rests, waiting to rise again.


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