Europa – Alors on dorme / Golgata sun WAV


Europa’s music works on the idea of bringing together and processing fragments of memory reflecting on their meaning and significance. His idea is to express the unique character of particular moments of his life intensified by the process of remembering them through the lenses of his emotions. Enhanced by the value they have gained in time each particular moment expands into something bigger than the moment itself and blends with the meaning it has gained in relation to all other events surrounding it. The two tracks work around the experience of a specific night out with fire torches while listening to music under a soft rain and reflecting on relationships and dialogues held that night. Europa recalls the falling raindrops reflecting the fire of the torches in connection to his personal experience of love interweaved with doubt and melancholy. The result are two exquisite tracks drenched in nostalgia, passion and contrasting emotions.

Written, performed, produced by Europa.
Mastering by Michele Sinatti.
Artwork by archietaylor.


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