BoLs/sLoB – Esoteric Garden WAV


After affirming himself as one of the rising young talents in the European avant pop scene, the producer known as Bols/Slob lands on Soul Feeder with his highly anticipated first LP, “Esoteric Garden”.
In this intimate yet accessible body of work, Bols/Slob turns the very act of writing music and shaping sounds into a safe space for him to reminisce and reflect on his past experiences. Each track of “Esoteric Garden” is in fact connected to a specific memory of Bols/Slob.
And while he moves through these different moments of his life, the listener is invited to walk alongside him trough this fluid, shapeshifting sonic space, changing track after track. From the bouncy “happy-sad” trap vibes of “On”, to the intoxicatingly catchy melody of the neo-romantic “Portal Serenade”, to the abrasive sound design of the post-club suite “Eclipse”, Bols/Slob uses all the colours on his shimmering, alien-like sound palette to paint (and tell) his story.
This makes “Esoteric Garden” a juxtaposed yet coherent listening experience, where all the individual tracks work both as auto-conclusive sonic narrations and as chapters in a bigger, entwined tale.
Written, produced & mixed by Bols/Slob
Additional production on “On” by Silverbo01
Additional production on c-m-u-n by The Musa
Artwork by Kubafamous
Master by DJ GHEPARD

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