ascua – Glass Swan


After releasing a handful of unorganised tunes on their Soundcloud, ambient-pop newcomer ascua makes his debut on Soul Feeder with his first full-length, “Glass Swan”. Here the Spanish producer processes a past physical and psychological trauma through minimalistic yet catchy synth melodies, ringing percussions and ethereal vocals.
The structure of “Glass Swan”, alternating between peaceful and haunting atmospheres, creates a loose sense of narration meant to portrait the shifting emotional state ascua found himself as he dealt with his own trauma. By turning his personal experience into music, ascua’s objective has shifted from that of simple catharsis to the creation of an intimate gift for everyone who has experienced or might experience a similar state of fragility and is looking for understanding and relief.

Written, produced, mixed and performed by ascua
Artwork by ascua
Mastering by DJ GHEPARD


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